The Perfect Roadtrip Mix

Hi Adventure Babes!

You know the saying, "Instagram VS. Reality" that is used to expose the difference between what we choose to share with the world via our IG images and our REAL daily happenings? Well, the images that I am sharing with you in this blog post and on my IG this week truly capture the essence of each moment that I spent in Washington last week. Re-visiting these photos and reminiscing on my trip makes me want to pick up and leave life in LA to travel like a gypsy in a vintage Westfalia around the PNW. In addition to these photos, I am sharing with you our roadtrip mix from the weekend! This playlist will make you feel like you were along for the ride...

Vibe out, sing along, dance and drift off as you scroll through my photo diary from the weekend! Make sure to go and follow me on Spotify for monthly playlists at 'aubrewinters'.

Our adventures wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our friends at Pacwesty (IG @pacwesty). If you are looking for a weekend away I highly suggest looking into renting your very own Pacwesty and hitting the road with no plan other than to enjoy the view and stop at every place that you feel drawn to. One of my favorite parts about this roadtrip was the spontaneity of it. We had ZERO agenda (except for creating some content) so we were able to drive for hours and see everything there was to see + make stops along the way.

From listening to Nirvanna as we drove through Kurt Cobains hometown, Aberdeen, to turning up the EDM as I stepped into the drivers seat; the energy of each song vividly depicts every moment of our trip! I hope you turn it up, roll the windows down and start getting inspired to plan your next journey on the open road! 

Happy Listening + XO,


P.S. There is a little video of my psycho dance moves waiting for you at the end of this post :)

My Gal Pals and Adventure Buddies, Brittney (@blondeseyeview) & Talitha (@talithaphotos). Photo cred: @talithaphotos


Happy Monday Fitness Babes!

No better way to start your Monday than with a little fire... in your abs! If you are feeling the Monday blues STOP what you are doing, find your favorite song, and try this tutorial. You will feel better after, I PROMISE!



Right before I filmed this tutorial, I injured my neck and shoulder. After not exercising for a few days I felt inspired to create a mini workout series that would allow me to move my body without irritating my neck. The movement is a little smaller and more pilates based than I typically do; lots of isometrics, holding, etc. Don't let that fool you though... this work is still hard AF. I used a 5lb weight for the first series, feel free to use a lighter weight or no weights at all. 

Turn on your tunes + grab your mat & follow along with me as we sculpt & tone every inch of your core. Burnnnn babies, burn. 

Questions? Comment below or DM me on @aubrewinters. I want to know what you think! 




Hey Hey Bae's, Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you are stuffing your face with chocolates and are smothered in Roses RN.

I am buzzing about this Spring look, too soon? Ok I like literally have no choice...  I got shut down pretty hard trying to make Winter work this year in Cali. I feel like the second I got cozy in a big oversize sweater, beanie and boots the weather immediately changed to 75 & sunny. So, Spring, I am surrendering to you... and I am not mad about it. 

I picked up this two piece ditty at ZARA, go figure. But likeeee how good is it? It's not Gucci but it also didn't break my piggy bank and I felt like fire in it. It is also so versatile and can be styled so many different ways! I was considering going a little more high fash with this one but in the end thought an easy, breezy, beach vibe would be a better fit since my honey and I were driving up to Malibu for the day! 

In some of the pics you will notice a fancy little gold bracelet I am wearing. This bracelet is by a company called Coordinates Collection and ever since I received it in the mail, it hasn't come off of my body. The company personalizes the coordinates of your choice onto the bracelet so you can have a memory of your favorite place with you wherever you go. I love this concept because although I love California, my heart is in Chicago where my family is and where I spent a lot of time growing up. I personalized my bracelet to have the coordinates of the City so that no matter how far I am from Chi, I always have a little piece of it with me to remind me of the places and people I love. 

No matter what the trends are, I will always be inspired by city style and an 'on-the-go', ever evolving mentality. I love how people feel like they can express themselves in a city. My love for fashion and eclectic style attest to spending so much time in Chicago; growing up shopping on Michigan Ave and hitting up every Vintage store in the area. (Yes Mom, I blame you for my semi-expensive taste and love for designer pieces I can't afford). Thank god for Zara :) 

Curious what is inspiring everyones wardrobe this Spring?! What influences your style?







Hey Hey Bae's!

Throwing up a post today about my day trip to Chinatown in DTLA this past weekend. I typically LOVE to get out of town on the weekends as there are so many places outside of LA to explore. Sometimes I forget that there are also 1000+ things I still haven't done in LA. When I am in LA on a weekend, I like to hit up a few workouts, eat yummy food and STAY on the westside... until my yearning for a little adventure kicks in. 

This weekend my adventures landed me in Chinatown. Just a short trek across the 405, (go early enough when there isn't traffic), and CLICK CLICK, we're not in LA anymore. 

Exploring LA is always better with your gal pals. Yep, we pulled out the tripod. #NOSHAME. I mean, my little hunnies and I all had the same style vibe going (not planned), so how could we not? Vintage cargo + graphic tees for the win. This look made me look more like their boyfriend than their bestie but hey, I can get down with a tomboy chic look. 

Legit, I could be down to live in Chinatown. These colorful storefronts and restaurants make MISO happy ;)

Next time you wanna get away but like not REALLLYYY commit to getting away, make the trip to Chinatown + DTLA. It's the perfect day trip when you want to switch up the scenery for a hot sec + get some pics, obvi. Some of my best creative work comes from switching up my surroundings; even if it takes me east of the 405!




As a fitness instructor, I work really hard to curate playlists that feel cohesive, motivating and make you walk out of the classroom high on life. The power of music during a workout is undeniable and can truly make or break the workout experience. I love to choose songs that lift ME up & make me want to move. I hope that you can find some inspiration in these songs and that they get you excited to go out and MOVE, DANCE + SHAKE. Follow me on on Spotify at @aubrewinters to hear the whole song. Happy Sweating :)



PHOTO DIARY | Viva Las Vegas

Happy Thursday Babes--

I think I can speak for pretty much EVERYONE in the blogger space when I say that taking photos for IG/blog can be freakin' uninspiring and tiring AF sometimes. Lately when going out to shoot, I have been trying to just be efficient and get the show on the road without putting too much thought into the actual 'content creation' aspect. It can cost a lot of $$ + time spent trying to perfectly curate a photoshoot. This quick shoot I did with my BF in Vegas is the perfect example of how to great creative with the space around you in a short amount of time, while still getting content.

We were already on the way home to LA from Vegas when I had to stop and get a quick shoot done in the Downtown/Freemont area of Las Vegas. This shoot took us 30 minutes, we used 3 different backgrounds all within a few blocks of each other and got a sh*t ton of content that I ended up LOVE-ing. ($5 Dress, some Vans + Bubblegum made the whole thing come together. EASY PEASY). Sometimes it's the spur of the moment, less pressure photo outings that turn out to be the best. Stay tuned for more "How To's" on getting great content in an effective, efficient, yet creative way!

Hope you feel inspired again :) Happy Almost Weekend!




Hey ya'll--

This look was a 'wild' one, lol. (Corny, I know). I don't know what I was thinking walking around Chicago in the middle of winter, 20 degree weather to be exact, in a skirt and light jacket but the pairing was so good I couldn't resist... the things we do for fashion. Side note- I have been getting SO many inquires about this jacket. This jacket was my insanely cool Mom's from the 90's. Vintage BEBE to be exact. Once it started getting cold in LA I immediately pulled it out and  basically haven't taken it off since. You will continue to see me wearing it in 2018. 

I was so excited to shoot this outfit featuring CLUSE in Downtown, CHI. CLUSE has a really rad story that totally resinates with me;

"Our story is about people who find beauty in simplicity. Simple is not about being plain. It is about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. Away from distractions and focused on the things that are truly important in life. Timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A CLUSE watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit."

I consciously & intentionally paired this outfit around that concept. Styling doesn't always have to be that thought out. I have had some of my best looks by just aimlessly throwing pieces together. But, when you put together pieces that have meaning, in a place that makes you feel more like yourself, its electrifying and empowering. My CLUSE watch completed my outfit and this outfit, completed me. This outfit gave me the confidence I needed to walk around Chicago, with people bundled up head to toe in their Goose Jackets, and not give AF.

Shoutout to my sister, Alexa for getting these pictures for me. She's not really into the whole photo taking thing (espcially in the dead of winter), but her support on this little project literally meant the world to me :)

Want to re-create this look? Check out my 'SHOP' page to find out how! Use my promo code 'AUBRE15' to get your own CLUSE watch at <3




Ok guys, confession--

This is so hard for me to admit seeing in which fitness in my #1 but I have been totally unmotivated to stick to my personal workouts the last few months. (2018 is coming at the most perfect time). For one, my schedule has been so busy and although I have always tried to NEVER let that be an excuse for not giving myself the time to workout, it's true. The best option for me lately has been to do workouts that I can do on my own time; The Santa Monica Stairs, a run to Ocean Ave, my toning & strength series that I can do in the comfort of my own home. While all of the above are great options, every time I am alone on the stairs or running I can't stop thinking "God I wish I was in a group fitness class RN". I have officially come to the conclusion that group fitness is my end all be all when it comes to working out. Pure Barre, SoulCycle, Reformer Pilates, Barry's Bootcamp, Body by Simone; the energy I gain from a group environment is what makes me LOVE working out. Here are my Top 5 reasons why I just can't get enough Group Fitness--


A combination of good music, an engaged instructor, and the people around me have led me to have some major breakthroughs in classes that make me feel like I can literally do anything (watch out world,lol). It inspires me to be in a room full of other people who have also come to PUT IN THE WORK. The energy of humans who are motivated and excited for change amps up the classroom energy making it fun and inspiring to move!


If I sign up for a class ahead of time or tell a friend I am showing up to a class, there is NO WAY I am not showing up, period. If I tell myself I am going to wake up at 6a and run to the Santa Monica Stairs, there is a pretty decent chance I will wake up at 6a to go, and then get hung up on doing something around my house instead. Bottom line, if you physically make the commitment, you are more likely to hold yourself to it and then your workout is BOOM, done. 


I am not competitive by nature but there is a little competitive spark of energy that ignites inside of me anytime I am working out in a classroom full of people. Seeing others pushing themselves to the limit inspires me to kick my workout up a notch. (So much so that I actually fell off of a treadmill at Barry's Bootcamp trying to keep up with the person next to me but that story is for another time). 


I have made unexpected, life long friendships through group fitness. I have connected with strangers on a professional and personal level who have reached out with a helping hand to show support for me and my endeavors. Whether you have just moved to LA or just moved across LA to a new studio, there are people who are open and willing to welcome you into the community. Compassion from strangers in an environment that can feel vulnerable is a beautiful reminder that you are not alone in a city that can feel pretty lonely sometimes! 


There is a process behind everything and when it comes to achieving your goals, whatever they may be, you have to be willing to be a part of the process in order to make real changes. For a long time I would only do barre classes. It wasn't until I joined ClassPass that I really started trying out other workouts. I remember the first time I took a reformer pilates class at Carries Plus in West Hollywood... my god, I was so lost. But after a few classes, I started learning the terminology and really could start to feel myself get stronger in positions I was unable to do the first time I tried. From a teacher perspective, I have witnessed clients who started coming to my class and would only stand in one spot; they would hardly speak and had the "🙅🏼" emoji written all over their faces. Over time, group fitness has given them the confidence to break out of their shell and to have a voice. SO empowering to see.  

All in all, any workout is a good workout but a workout that can give me all of the above is a BOMB.COM life changing workout. If you are looking to spice up your workout routine/stay committed and motivated through your workouts, I will always be here for support or for an ass-kicking workout :) 




I have awarded this look my favorite from 2017 because I mean, just look at it. I was more excited about this two-piece set than I was probably about anything in 2017, lol. But really, this outfit sat in my closet for two weeks before I pulled it out for a little Palm Springs getaway and TBH, it was almost torture just waiting for it to be placed on my body. 

I bought this outfit at an H&M in Denver (need to mention its wayyyy better than any H&M in LA), but the second I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it for my PS Birthday trip. We had an adorable place in La Quinta (pics coming soon) planned with some friends and my initial thought was that I can't wait to greet everyone wearing this outfit. It screamed Aubre Winters, Palm Springs, 1970's Mod. 

Cheers to more two-piece sets and clothes that make us feel meow in 2018!



Since I wear activewear every single day to teach, I try to wear "normal" people clothes whenever I can. That all changed once I found the most EXTRA, AMAZING, sweatshirt from P.E. Nation. This is basically the only thing I am ever going to wear.

I call this The Ultimate Lifestyle Piece because it so versatile and can literally spruce up any outfit. It is so perfect for throwing on after a workout, or wearing it up in the mountains with some vintage denim and hiking boots.

*For Outfit Details visit my SHOP page*


Hi babes--

Happy New Year to youuuu :) One of the most exciting things about a New Year is that we get an opportunity to hit 'RESET' and re-ignite passions, projects, goals & our intentions; how cool is that?! I am definitely setting some BIG yet REALISTIC goals for myself this year and I am so excited to kick my own ass trying to reach them!

Although I have always loved working out, I have realized in this last year that there is more to working out than just the act of working out, if ya get what I mean. Many times I just hop into a workout to be able to say to myself, "Hey Aubre, ya worked out today. Check that off your list." It's not a 'workout' that makes me feel good, it's the freedom to be able to move my body that makes me feel like fireeeee. This year I am being very intentional about moving my body everyday; not to lose weight, not to just say that I did it, but to give my body the time & space to explore + connect with my soul in a deeper way- which in turn makes me feel inspired and motivated to freakin' LIVE MY LIFE the way I DREAM.

So, with all of that said, here is a way to kick-start your New Year Fitness Goals with a little morning routine that can literally be the BEST way to start your day. 

Being a dancer my whole life, I have always had strong arms, but have never had the muscle definition like I have now. I think I can openly say, my arms are my favorite part of my exterior and I have worked pretty damn hard to sculpt them in a way that makes them look strong but NOT bulky. Here is my secret to getting your arms to look Long, Lean, Toned and HOT AF. A few quick tips/reminders for when you are going through this tutorial;

1. LIGHT WEIGHTS = BIG RESULTS: A lot of people think you need to lift heavy weights to get strong. Once you play around with this tutorial you will see that that is simply not the case. If you are looking for that very defined muscle structure, try the light weights and just wait for your arms to start shaking. Once they do, see #2...

2. KEEP THOSE ARMS UP: So many times we start to feel the burn and come out of the position. My challenge for you is to push yourself deeper than you think you can go, even if it means holding your arms up 3 seconds longer before you put them down. It's that little extra push that not only gets you physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well.

3. DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU: As I mention in this video, there are SO many different variations of this 6 minute series. Feel free to do this exact tutorial but also know that you can mix and match so many different exercises and really make it your own! Think of this as a little arm dance. Get into it!

4. SET THE VIBE: Put your phone away, find a spot that you want to work at, a tune that you want to work to, and get to work! Give yourself 6 minutes just to zone out and focus on yourself. 6 minutes, think of it as a little meditation.

*DISCLAIMER* THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO, EVER! Lol- Sound is shit and the quality is right up there with it. Not intentional but, taking it as a lesson--> Gotta start somewhere! Enjoy BB's.


Hey Hey Sunshines--

If there is one look I could wear for the rest of my life it would probably be the 70's inspired look pictured above. No doubt I feel comfy but always confident in a head to toe denim look! These suede boots are 3 years old and have never failed me. The Levi's denim jacket is my Mom's from the 80's and I will wear it until the end of time.  Throw on a chic pair of statement earrings and a fishermans cap and done, that's Aubre Winters in a nutshell. 

As you continue to connect with me, you will start to realize that I am never going to be the girl who is posting brand new outfits every single time. I will always express myself through fashion in a realistic way by re-styling & re-wearing my clothes; always striving to make old pieces look new again. That is what makes styling exciting. Sure, its easy-peasey to buy buy buy and post post post in all new stuff but lets face it, it is more exciting to see what you do with all of your resources rather than throwing on something brand new and calling it "fashion." Not to mention, your piggy bank will suffer.

Any way, that's my little fashion rant for the day. Just a reminder to always do + wear what feels good for you! That is what will ALWAYS make you stand out :) Be you, AF.



*DISCLAIMER* All of the above photos were taken on an iPhone by Venice Babe, Karly Ryann (@karlyycakes). Go follow her now. Like right now. She will be your daily inspo for basically the rest of your life. 




I am typically that totally annoying girl who shows up to the beach with layers on layers of accessories (big statement earrings + a cute swimmie, yes please). These Doggeared necklaces were the perfect addition to my swim look without being too over the top! Props to my adorable BF for getting some legit pics at El Matador in Malibu; well trained I guess :)