Hey Hey Sunshines--

If there is one look I could wear for the rest of my life it would probably be the 70's inspired look pictured above. No doubt I feel comfy but always confident in a head to toe denim look! These suede boots are 3 years old and have never failed me. The Levi's denim jacket is my Mom's from the 80's and I will wear it until the end of time.  Throw on a chic pair of statement earrings and a fishermans cap and done, that's Aubre Winters in a nutshell. 

As you continue to connect with me, you will start to realize that I am never going to be the girl who is posting brand new outfits every single time. I will always express myself through fashion in a realistic way by re-styling & re-wearing my clothes; always striving to make old pieces look new again. That is what makes styling exciting. Sure, its easy-peasey to buy buy buy and post post post in all new stuff but lets face it, it is more exciting to see what you do with all of your resources rather than throwing on something brand new and calling it "fashion." Not to mention, your piggy bank will suffer.

Any way, that's my little fashion rant for the day. Just a reminder to always do + wear what feels good for you! That is what will ALWAYS make you stand out :) Be you, AF.



*DISCLAIMER* All of the above photos were taken on an iPhone by Venice Babe, Karly Ryann (@karlyycakes). Go follow her now. Like right now. She will be your daily inspo for basically the rest of your life.