Hey Hey Bae's, Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you are stuffing your face with chocolates and are smothered in Roses RN.

I am buzzing about this Spring look, too soon? Ok I like literally have no choice...  I got shut down pretty hard trying to make Winter work this year in Cali. I feel like the second I got cozy in a big oversize sweater, beanie and boots the weather immediately changed to 75 & sunny. So, Spring, I am surrendering to you... and I am not mad about it. 

I picked up this two piece ditty at ZARA, go figure. But likeeee how good is it? It's not Gucci but it also didn't break my piggy bank and I felt like fire in it. It is also so versatile and can be styled so many different ways! I was considering going a little more high fash with this one but in the end thought an easy, breezy, beach vibe would be a better fit since my honey and I were driving up to Malibu for the day! 

In some of the pics you will notice a fancy little gold bracelet I am wearing. This bracelet is by a company called Coordinates Collection and ever since I received it in the mail, it hasn't come off of my body. The company personalizes the coordinates of your choice onto the bracelet so you can have a memory of your favorite place with you wherever you go. I love this concept because although I love California, my heart is in Chicago where my family is and where I spent a lot of time growing up. I personalized my bracelet to have the coordinates of the City so that no matter how far I am from Chi, I always have a little piece of it with me to remind me of the places and people I love. 

No matter what the trends are, I will always be inspired by city style and an 'on-the-go', ever evolving mentality. I love how people feel like they can express themselves in a city. My love for fashion and eclectic style attest to spending so much time in Chicago; growing up shopping on Michigan Ave and hitting up every Vintage store in the area. (Yes Mom, I blame you for my semi-expensive taste and love for designer pieces I can't afford). Thank god for Zara :) 

Curious what is inspiring everyones wardrobe this Spring?! What influences your style?