I have awarded this look my favorite from 2017 because I mean, just look at it. I was more excited about this two-piece set than I was probably about anything in 2017, lol. But really, this outfit sat in my closet for two weeks before I pulled it out for a little Palm Springs getaway and TBH, it was almost torture just waiting for it to be placed on my body. 

I bought this outfit at an H&M in Denver (need to mention its wayyyy better than any H&M in LA), but the second I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it for my PS Birthday trip. We had an adorable place in La Quinta (pics coming soon) planned with some friends and my initial thought was that I can't wait to greet everyone wearing this outfit. It screamed Aubre Winters, Palm Springs, 1970's Mod. 

Cheers to more two-piece sets and clothes that make us feel meow in 2018!