Ok guys, confession--

This is so hard for me to admit seeing in which fitness in my #1 but I have been totally unmotivated to stick to my personal workouts the last few months. (2018 is coming at the most perfect time). For one, my schedule has been so busy and although I have always tried to NEVER let that be an excuse for not giving myself the time to workout, it's true. The best option for me lately has been to do workouts that I can do on my own time; The Santa Monica Stairs, a run to Ocean Ave, my toning & strength series that I can do in the comfort of my own home. While all of the above are great options, every time I am alone on the stairs or running I can't stop thinking "God I wish I was in a group fitness class RN". I have officially come to the conclusion that group fitness is my end all be all when it comes to working out. Pure Barre, SoulCycle, Reformer Pilates, Barry's Bootcamp, Body by Simone; the energy I gain from a group environment is what makes me LOVE working out. Here are my Top 5 reasons why I just can't get enough Group Fitness--


A combination of good music, an engaged instructor, and the people around me have led me to have some major breakthroughs in classes that make me feel like I can literally do anything (watch out world,lol). It inspires me to be in a room full of other people who have also come to PUT IN THE WORK. The energy of humans who are motivated and excited for change amps up the classroom energy making it fun and inspiring to move!


If I sign up for a class ahead of time or tell a friend I am showing up to a class, there is NO WAY I am not showing up, period. If I tell myself I am going to wake up at 6a and run to the Santa Monica Stairs, there is a pretty decent chance I will wake up at 6a to go, and then get hung up on doing something around my house instead. Bottom line, if you physically make the commitment, you are more likely to hold yourself to it and then your workout is BOOM, done. 


I am not competitive by nature but there is a little competitive spark of energy that ignites inside of me anytime I am working out in a classroom full of people. Seeing others pushing themselves to the limit inspires me to kick my workout up a notch. (So much so that I actually fell off of a treadmill at Barry's Bootcamp trying to keep up with the person next to me but that story is for another time). 


I have made unexpected, life long friendships through group fitness. I have connected with strangers on a professional and personal level who have reached out with a helping hand to show support for me and my endeavors. Whether you have just moved to LA or just moved across LA to a new studio, there are people who are open and willing to welcome you into the community. Compassion from strangers in an environment that can feel vulnerable is a beautiful reminder that you are not alone in a city that can feel pretty lonely sometimes! 


There is a process behind everything and when it comes to achieving your goals, whatever they may be, you have to be willing to be a part of the process in order to make real changes. For a long time I would only do barre classes. It wasn't until I joined ClassPass that I really started trying out other workouts. I remember the first time I took a reformer pilates class at Carries Plus in West Hollywood... my god, I was so lost. But after a few classes, I started learning the terminology and really could start to feel myself get stronger in positions I was unable to do the first time I tried. From a teacher perspective, I have witnessed clients who started coming to my class and would only stand in one spot; they would hardly speak and had the "🙅🏼" emoji written all over their faces. Over time, group fitness has given them the confidence to break out of their shell and to have a voice. SO empowering to see.  

All in all, any workout is a good workout but a workout that can give me all of the above is a BOMB.COM life changing workout. If you are looking to spice up your workout routine/stay committed and motivated through your workouts, I will always be here for support or for an ass-kicking workout :)