Hi babes--

Happy New Year to youuuu :) One of the most exciting things about a New Year is that we get an opportunity to hit 'RESET' and re-ignite passions, projects, goals & our intentions; how cool is that?! I am definitely setting some BIG yet REALISTIC goals for myself this year and I am so excited to kick my own ass trying to reach them!

Although I have always loved working out, I have realized in this last year that there is more to working out than just the act of working out, if ya get what I mean. Many times I just hop into a workout to be able to say to myself, "Hey Aubre, ya worked out today. Check that off your list." It's not a 'workout' that makes me feel good, it's the freedom to be able to move my body that makes me feel like fireeeee. This year I am being very intentional about moving my body everyday; not to lose weight, not to just say that I did it, but to give my body the time & space to explore + connect with my soul in a deeper way- which in turn makes me feel inspired and motivated to freakin' LIVE MY LIFE the way I DREAM.

So, with all of that said, here is a way to kick-start your New Year Fitness Goals with a little morning routine that can literally be the BEST way to start your day. 

Being a dancer my whole life, I have always had strong arms, but have never had the muscle definition like I have now. I think I can openly say, my arms are my favorite part of my exterior and I have worked pretty damn hard to sculpt them in a way that makes them look strong but NOT bulky. Here is my secret to getting your arms to look Long, Lean, Toned and HOT AF. A few quick tips/reminders for when you are going through this tutorial;

1. LIGHT WEIGHTS = BIG RESULTS: A lot of people think you need to lift heavy weights to get strong. Once you play around with this tutorial you will see that that is simply not the case. If you are looking for that very defined muscle structure, try the light weights and just wait for your arms to start shaking. Once they do, see #2...

2. KEEP THOSE ARMS UP: So many times we start to feel the burn and come out of the position. My challenge for you is to push yourself deeper than you think you can go, even if it means holding your arms up 3 seconds longer before you put them down. It's that little extra push that not only gets you physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well.

3. DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU: As I mention in this video, there are SO many different variations of this 6 minute series. Feel free to do this exact tutorial but also know that you can mix and match so many different exercises and really make it your own! Think of this as a little arm dance. Get into it!

4. SET THE VIBE: Put your phone away, find a spot that you want to work at, a tune that you want to work to, and get to work! Give yourself 6 minutes just to zone out and focus on yourself. 6 minutes, think of it as a little meditation.

*DISCLAIMER* THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO, EVER! Lol- Sound is shit and the quality is right up there with it. Not intentional but, taking it as a lesson--> Gotta start somewhere! Enjoy BB's.