Hey Hey Bae's!

Throwing up a post today about my day trip to Chinatown in DTLA this past weekend. I typically LOVE to get out of town on the weekends as there are so many places outside of LA to explore. Sometimes I forget that there are also 1000+ things I still haven't done in LA. When I am in LA on a weekend, I like to hit up a few workouts, eat yummy food and STAY on the westside... until my yearning for a little adventure kicks in. 

This weekend my adventures landed me in Chinatown. Just a short trek across the 405, (go early enough when there isn't traffic), and CLICK CLICK, we're not in LA anymore. 

Exploring LA is always better with your gal pals. Yep, we pulled out the tripod. #NOSHAME. I mean, my little hunnies and I all had the same style vibe going (not planned), so how could we not? Vintage cargo + graphic tees for the win. This look made me look more like their boyfriend than their bestie but hey, I can get down with a tomboy chic look. 

Legit, I could be down to live in Chinatown. These colorful storefronts and restaurants make MISO happy ;)

Next time you wanna get away but like not REALLLYYY commit to getting away, make the trip to Chinatown + DTLA. It's the perfect day trip when you want to switch up the scenery for a hot sec + get some pics, obvi. Some of my best creative work comes from switching up my surroundings; even if it takes me east of the 405!