PHOTO DIARY | Viva Las Vegas

Happy Thursday Babes--

I think I can speak for pretty much EVERYONE in the blogger space when I say that taking photos for IG/blog can be freakin' uninspiring and tiring AF sometimes. Lately when going out to shoot, I have been trying to just be efficient and get the show on the road without putting too much thought into the actual 'content creation' aspect. It can cost a lot of $$ + time spent trying to perfectly curate a photoshoot. This quick shoot I did with my BF in Vegas is the perfect example of how to great creative with the space around you in a short amount of time, while still getting content.

We were already on the way home to LA from Vegas when I had to stop and get a quick shoot done in the Downtown/Freemont area of Las Vegas. This shoot took us 30 minutes, we used 3 different backgrounds all within a few blocks of each other and got a sh*t ton of content that I ended up LOVE-ing. ($5 Dress, some Vans + Bubblegum made the whole thing come together. EASY PEASY). Sometimes it's the spur of the moment, less pressure photo outings that turn out to be the best. Stay tuned for more "How To's" on getting great content in an effective, efficient, yet creative way!

Hope you feel inspired again :) Happy Almost Weekend!